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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long does it take?
A: Please allow approx. 2 Hours for an appointment to clean a single or double oven.

    Agas, Stanley & Rayburn ranges will take a little longer.

Q: Do you use strong chemicals?
A: No, The materials we use in your home are non caustic, not acidic and odourless so there is no     residual smell during or after the clean of your oven.

Q: How soon can I use the cooker after it has been cleaned?
A: The cooker can be used immediately after we have finished.

Q: Do you clean commerical ovens as well as domestic ovens?
A: Yes,we clean most types of commercial ovens and extract canopy's.

Q: Do I have to do anything before you clean the cooker?
A: No, We protect your floor and surfaces with our own dust sheets and clean up any dirt after     cleaning your cooker.The only item we need is the use of your sink.

Q: Can you clean self-cleaning' ovens?
A: Yes, we are fully trained to clean all types of ovens.

Q: Do you carry spares?
A: Yes,we carry stock of replacement lamps and a range of extractor filters.

Q: How often will my oven need to be professionally cleaned?
A: Regular use of the oven for traditionally prepared meals usually require a deep clean once a year.